Best Coloured Vinyl Records


The  Best Coloured Vinyl Records You must own!

Vinyl record collecting has always been a fantastic hobby however with vinyl records on the comeback there is some great coloured vinyl records which will be a great addition to any collection.
Here’s a run down of our top 5 coloured vinyl records for sale (new) now.

Run the Jewels 3 – Gold Vinyl

The latest album by the legendary hip hop duo of Killer Mike and El P. Run the Jewels is a must for any hip hop lover. The dynamic flowing beats combined with their constantly fresh and innovative lyrics makes for a fantastic album. Killer Mike and El P have such a great chemistry which truly comes across within this album not to mention. Their beats and lyrics some of the most hard hitting in hip hop. The album comes with some stunning art work along with stickers and not to mention the stunning quality of the gold vinyl of which its pressed on.
This is one of my favorite albums and im sure you will love it too. Click the picture to get the best price which is currently via amazon us + UK.



The Beatles – Greatest Hits – Red Vinyl

The Beatles are a best selling British band from Liverpool UK who’s music is loved all across the globe.  A current limited edition re release of this amazing album is now avaliable in limited edition red vinyl. This is one for any Beatles collector but be quick this release is limited to 500 copies.

Tim Dog – Penicillin on Wax – Green/ Black Translucent 

They don’t make rappers like Tim Dog anymore. And albums like his Penicillin on Wax sure as hell would never get released today. It is one of the most hard hitting hip hop albums period. Taking digs at the likes of rap legends such as Eazy E, Ice Cube and pretty much all of NWA. This album has legendary status in my book as being the most hard hitting period. A full review of this album is coming soon.

The vinyl itself is crazy. Its a beautiful marbled green in the light however when played on in certain lights it looks black. Definitely something cool to own if your’e a true hip hop fan.


Now this list will be continuously added to and updated as there is simply so many good ones to choose from.

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