Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid – m.A.A.d City Vinyl Review

Vinyl Review Good Kid m.A.A.d

Kendrick Lamar vinyl

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So at long last since this album has finally dropped to a great price on amazon I can give my good kid mad city vinyl review. Kendrick Lamar’s debut effort Good Kid: M.A.A.D City came just at the right time to give West Coast rap some renewed notability. Kendrick Lamar is one today’s most unique rappers. Left of center, he joins the likes of Drake and KiD CuDi, paving his own pathway. Good Kid m.A.A.d City is not only one of 2012’s best rap albums but also one of the year’s `crowning achievements.’ Conceptually structured around its title – Kendrick is ultimately a good kid trapped in Compton, which is chucked full of vices within the sins/demons of a bad, rough city, Lamar details his early life experience.

His use of metaphors and racial/hood slang does not only lead a journey through this amazing piece of concept art, but tells a story from a child’s perspective as well. Lamar shows clear signs of his influences in the heavy-beated “Backseat Freestyle” and further again in “m.A.A.d city”; a song about the craziness of Compton, and the world he comes from. The album is a piece of post-gangsta rap art that revives the art form as something new, as something on a whole other level.

The current pressing of this sounds amazing my copy at least and the ones I have listed to I have no complaints with.

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