Run The Jewels 1 Review.

Run The Jewels 1 

This album is an all time favorite of mine with the fresh hard hitting beats of El-P and the superb lyrics from Killer Mike there is no question as to why. El-P shows off his eccentric, futuristic production style and it pays off with some really nice beats. Killer Mike and El-P are great lyrically, spitting some really mean, aggressive, hard-hitting, and quotable lines as well as some milder, more thought-provoking and inspirational verses. The chemistry of this duo is remarkable to witness: they complement each other so well and seem to be so in sync with each other. Overall Run The Jewels 1 is an awesome debut album for the collaboration between El-P and Killer Mike. If you do not have this in your collection and you’re serious about hip-hop rap then this needs to be your next purchase along with RTJ2 and RTJ3.

The record itself comes with some fantastic artwork and stickers to enjoy not to mention the eye catching splattered look vinyl records themselves.

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